No Time to Travel? Take a ‘Staycation’

Posted by on Dec 2 in Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Men, Sex and Relationships, Women

Need to get away but dread the hassle and expense of planning a trip? No worries. Enjoy all the benefits of a great vacation even without leaving your home. Many of us take the places we live for granted and get so involved with the day to day that we forget there is a lot to do right around the corner.

A number of years ago, I moved to Florida and was very excited to be living only 20 minutes from the beach. Guess what? I saw the ocean maybe 5 times in two years. I knew the beach was there, but as each day was filled with work or other activities, I would tell myself “I can go any time.” It wasn’t until after moving away that I realized how much I had missed out on. Today, though most of us need to cut expenses wherever we can – yet we still need a change of scenery to rest and recharge every so often. A staycation can be the perfect answer.

What do you like to do?

Check out the town website, pick up a local paper or go to the local Visitors Bureau and buy a guide to your area. Make a list of all the activities you find interesting and plan out each day. Don’t forget to add time for reading and rest. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Visit a local art gallery or museum
  • Go to restaurants you haven’t tried
  • Explore a new hiking trail or try a new bike route
  • Get tickets to a local play, sporting event or concert
  • Hit the latest dance scene
  • Hang out at the library
  • Visit the area’s historic sights
  • Check out local “tourist traps”
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset
  • Camp out under the stars
  • Go to a day spa for a manicure, pedicure and massage

Change the Venue

All it may take to feel away from it all and fully relaxed is a few nights at a local hotel, but if you would rather save your money for other things, you can get that same feeling from staying right in your own home.

Before your scheduled staycation, make a few adjustments to your immediate surroundings. An idea for a quick change of scenery is to simply move into a guestroom or add special details to your bedroom so it is transformed into one that looks like it belongs at a cozy bed and breakfast, tranquil spa resort or eclectic hotel.

Maybe camping out is the answer. Whether you pitch your tent in your backyard or at a local campground, you don’t have to be hours away from home to feel like you’re in a completely new place.

Make It Memorable

Potpourri and scented soaps can transport you – with a single breath – to a mountain surrounded by towering pines, an apple orchard or a pristine white beach. Fresh flowers on a side table, a crystal pitcher, ice bucket with matching fluted glasses and a chocolate mint or long stem rose on the pillow communicates that this time is very special and you’re worth every minute of it. Add some soft music in the background, dim the lights and soon it will be easy to forget your cares and woes.

If you’re looking to add a little romance to the scene, toss a red velvet pillow on the bed (heart shaped) or place a small vase of red roses on the night stand. Lots of candles around the room set a wonderful mood. After a lovely dinner at a new restaurant in town, you and your honey can enjoy a chilled bottle of wine or champagne back in your room while cuddling and listening to soft music. Very romantic, don’t you think?

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These ideas can make the vacation you took at home one of your best vacations ever!