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Overcoming Procrastination with Improving Your Health

Posted by on Jan 11 in Lifestyle, Women

It is easy for some people to maintain a disciplined fitness regimen. For others, it can be difficult to just get out of bed. Most of us intend to make healthier choices with what we eat and be more physically active in our day to day lifestyle. We say it every January as part of our New Year’s resolution, and we tend to remind ourselves often that we’re going to become much more disciplined to stay on track with a health conscious attitude and lifestyle. So what’s stopping us? Why are we so good at procrastinating this simple intention? – Especially when it comes to feeling good, looking good, improving our health and quality of life! That should be our highest priority, more so than temporary gratification with over indulging and just plain laziness.

Overcoming our tendencies to procrastinate is a very delicate mind game we play with ourselves. We all want to be happy, healthy and well – that is our most inherent desire and what anyone else would also want for us. It is rather disheartening to see the majority of humanity make poor choices with what they choose to consume – with a high percentage of adults and children who have various physical challenges due to lack of proper nutrition and exercise. That should be incentive enough to strive for a healthier lifestyle. However many of us still fall short of our own expectations then become frustrated and often give up on our goals.

The key is to not compare yourself with others or do it for anyone else but yourself. The will to complete or maintain any kind of challenge needs to come from deep within as we ask ourselves; why are we doing this? Obviously there are infinite benefits to eating well and getting in better shape, however the core goal is to feel good; mentally, physically and emotionally. The social advantages are a given as far as how others may perceive you, yet that is a more egotistical motive rather than a soulful aspiration. It is up to you, and only you, to make a conscious choice in each and every moment while asking yourself; “Does this choice align with and support my highest intentions?”

Whether we’re shopping at a supermarket, ordering at a restaurant, or foraging in our kitchen; we usually get to choose what and how much we eat. We also choose our level of activity throughout the day and understand there really is no use for excuses. We can wake up a half hour earlier to get in a little exercise before we start the day, or take a little walk or bike ride after work – also work in some kind of physical activity or time at the gym on weekends and/or during the week. Once we recondition ourselves to adopt new healthier habits, it becomes easier every day to stay on track.

Support and Accountability

It can be helpful to have a fitness trainer, workout buddy and/or consult with a nutritionist to help establish a fitness plan. By taking responsibility and being accountable for your choices is helpful to restructure your way of life, even it is simply communicating with your spouse or family member. It is always more fun to share positive transformation with others. Creating an activity schedule with your partner and plan healthy meals together can be such a terrific bonding experience.

Take little steps toward your goals. Even if you don’t necessarily have a weight loss goal or something measurable, it is important to just stay focused on feeling good and not beat yourself up if you happen to make conflicting choices occasionally. Sometimes we need a little energy boost to help keep us motivated. The best way to generate sustained energy is to take a daily supplement such as Add Lib – a natural blend of herb extracts to help improve your energy, mood and desire. Since I started taking it over a year ago, I’ve been more motivated, active, alive and youthful. I highly recommend it for any woman who wants to feel better in every way. Good luck and take it easy on yourself!