How Can Men Defy Maturity?

Posted by on Nov 29 in Healthy Aging, Men

Remember when you were in your early 20’s and felt full of energy, liveliness and confidence? You were invincible back then and had high hopes for your future ahead. Perhaps your life didn’t turn out exactly how you had planned and you missed out on many of the things you had intended. Even if you feel the aging process is taking a toll on your body, mind and lifestyle – it is never too late to have some fun, be social and create some memorable experiences.

Don’t throw in the towel just yet. There is so much to see and do in this world and YOU are never too old to defy maturity! You can look and feel younger, no matter what age you are! It is just a matter of staying active and implementing more fun and adventure in your life. Rather than just exist and be a slave to the same old boring routine day after day – live a memorable life! You don’t have to be wealthy, retired, or even have a significant other to be happy and have a fun-filled, joyful, extraordinary life. You have heard the cliché, “life without passion is not worth living”. Here are some ways for men to defy maturity and live life to its fullest.

1. Do something physical every day. The best way to feel good and maintain youthfulness and is daily physical activity. Whether you take your dog for a walk, hike a nearby trail, bike ride, workout at the gym – just stay active! Challenge yourself and increase your level of activity every week until you reach the peak of a 14,000 + foot mountain – then do it again and again. There is nothing more satisfying than exceeding your personal best and living your fullest physical potential. You can do it!

2. Get out more! At least once a week, go out alone or with a friend or spouse. Try something new – a different restaurant, go see a live band or theater performance. Step out of your comfort zone and dare to explore the city around you. Get to know your co-workers and plan a group outing.

3. Join or start a Meet-up group. There’s nothing more fulfilling than to meet new friends who have a common interest. Whatever you’re into, there’s got to be a group of people just like you who get together on a regular basis. Find others who share the same passions and connect with them. There are meet-up groups for just about anything you can think of from mountain biking to rebuilding engines.

4. Just drive and see where you end up. Surrender to the open road and allow your intuition to guide you on a surprise journey. You’ve seen those little towns on a map and road signs, but have you ever been there? Take some time to visit other places and see what makes them unique. Talk with the locals and discover new resources and connections.

5. Go camping with the guys! Ditch the women, just for a weekend, and enjoy an outdoor adventure with your guy pals. Sit by the campfire, drink beer, eat chili out of the can, fart, cuss, and embrace your inner beast. There’s something about expressing your primal nature to help put everything back into balance. When you refrain from electronics and modern comforts for a time, you can return to your busy hectic life with a renewed sense of being and appreciation for what you might sometimes take for granted.

6. Experience a big sports event and/or concert. Whatever type of sports or music you may be into, being emerged in the energy and spirit of a large crowd is exhilarating. It is a different experience than just watching it on television. Let yourself go and get into the intensity of the event. The suspense of any kind of life performance is thrilling to witness and be a part of.

7. Take a class. This can be difficult for men sometimes, as many guys haven’t thought about going to a class or workshop since college days. You may be pleasantly surprised in how much fun it can be to meet interesting people and learn something new. Many community colleges offer random classes in numerous areas from photography to various art mediums. Or take yoga or dance class – if you’re single, it’s a great way to meet dynamic and spirited women. There are classes and workshops on available on numerous topics. What would you like to learn how to do better?

8. Just do it! What is it? – Whatever you want it to be. It can be skiing, snowboarding, sailing, skydiving, backpacking – anything that lights you up and you’d like to try or do again. Maybe it’s been a long time since you’ve water-skied, or perhaps you’ve always wanted to go scuba diving. Decide what you really want to do and make it happen. If there’s a will, there’s a way – no excuses!

9. Take care of your body. No really… You need to be conscious of what you put on and in your body. Read the labels of products you purchase and know what the fine print really means. Eat raw, whole and organic food as much as possible, and home cooked made-from-scratch meals rather than processed and fast food. Avoid artificial flavors & colors, synthetic preservatives, parabens, petroleum-based ingredients, glycol, and other harmful chemicals in all types of personal products. Even products approved by the FDA can make you sick and cause disease. Buy all natural foods and products as much as possible to maintain optimum health and well-being.

10. Enjoy lots of sex (with or without a partner)! Yes it is true; sexual activity is the real fountain of youth. Sex is good for your health and can help you live longer. Sex can also boost your metabolism, brain function, heart health and immunity. When your blood circulation is increased, inflammation decreases, and chances of heart disease lessens, and the adrenals improve — it’s all connected.

11. How do YOU defy maturity? We’d love to hear from you! Write in with your ideas and comments to