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10 Ways for Women to Defy Maturity

Posted by on Nov 28 in Healthy Aging, Women

You can look and feel younger, no matter what age you are! It is just a matter of staying active and implementing more fun and adventure in your life. Don’t just exist and be a slave to the same old boring routine day after day. You don’t have to be wealthy, retired, or even have a significant other to be happy and have a fun-filled, joyful, extraordinary life.

You have heard the cliché, “life without passion is not worth living”. Here are some ways for women to defy maturity and live life to its fullest.

1. Plan a surprise! There’s nothing more exciting than to secretly arrange a special party, activity or dinner for someone you love. Surprising others can strengthen your relationships and create fun memories. It can also feel quite rewarding to create some kind of handmade gift or special customized surprise for a loved one.

2. Do something physical every day. The best way to maintain your youth and feel good is to exercise daily. Whether you take your dog for a walk, hike a nearby trail, go for a bike ride, workout at the gym, take a yoga class or go out dancing, there are numerous activities you can do.

3. Go camping with friends or family! Ditch the electronics and modern comforts and get back to nature. Plan an outdoor adventure to camp out at a nearby wilderness area; sit by the campfire and reconnect with the basic elements. Whether you pitch a tent or bring a camper, you can create a memorable experience with the simplicity of being surrounded by natural environment.

4. Join a Meet-up group. Whatever you’re into, there’s got to be a group about it that meets about it. Find others who share similar passions as you, and connect with them either on-line or in person. There are meet-up groups for just about anything you can think of from mountain biking to pastry cooking. There’s nothing more fulfilling than to meet new friends with a common interest.

5. Just drive and see where you end up. Surrender to the open road and allow your intuition to guide you on a surprise journey. You’ve seen those little towns on a map and road signs, but have you ever been there? Take some time to visit other places and see what makes them unique. Stop into the central coffee shop or town hangout and talk with the locals. Who knows? – Maybe you’ll make some new friends and discover new resources and connections.

6. Be creative and artistic. Take a pottery or painting class, or learn a different type of medium like sculpting or making stained glass. Or you could create handmade holiday decorations as gifts. It just takes a little imagination and some ingenuity to awaken your mind’s eye and get the creative juices flowing. Get ideas from magazines or the internet. There are many fun things you can make from random items around the house – find a new and innovative use for them.

7. Go on a unique date with yourself, a friend or spouse. At least once a week, take yourself or another out on a special date. Try something new – a different restaurant that you are used to or a fun activity like roller skating or miniature golf. Step out of your comfort zone and dare to explore the city around you (or a nearby city if you live in a rural area).

8. Take a dance class. Even if you think you have two left feet, you can have a lot of fun learning a particular dance style and meeting new friends. Dancing is great exercise, to connect with others, and a terrific way to express yourself – plus, next time you’re out at a club or concert, you’ll have some new moves to show off.

9. Take care of your body. Be conscious of what you put on and in your body. Read the labels of products you purchase and know what the fine print really means. Eat raw, whole and organic food as much as possible, and home cooked made-from-scratch meals rather than processed and fast food. Avoid artificial flavors & colors, synthetic preservatives, parabens, petroleum-based ingredients, glycol, and other harmful chemicals in all types of personal products.

10. Enjoy lots of sex (with or without a partner)! Yes it is true; sexual activity is the real fountain of youth. Sex is good for your health and can help you look and feel more youthful. When a woman has sex, she produces more estrogen, which helps keep her hair shiny, smooth, thick and healthy looking. Sex also increases the production of collagen, which promotes supple youthful skin evading age spots and sagging.